Web Design & Development Services

web design services
The making of websites has changed a lot since the early days of the internet. Businesses don’t have to hire a design and development team to craft a beautiful website.With Content Management Systems like WordPress, everyone can have a nice website, within minutes! This is a great blessing and a curse at once. Information on the internet can be easily created. But when it comes to business websites,
it is not enough to show a nice design.

In a good, user-friendly and accessible website, your visitors understand the purpose of your business.
They know what you offer and how to get it.

Professional Web Design Services & Prices

I can help you by creating a professional website for your business. Or if you already have a website, I can help you optimize your website to get the maximum potential out of it. Below is a detailed list of my services. The prices mentioned in the detail area are a rough estimate. Every website and every business is an individual, therefore I am happy to give you a free detailed quote.


Web design includes elements of graphic design, user experience design, interface and interaction design. Design of brochures, flyers and images in all size for web and print.

  • Full template/theme design
  • Social media image design
  • Web Graphics: banner, header etc.
  • E-book design


Web development connects the design with the data. By developing plugins or full web applications for individual needs your business will have a unique solution to solve the customer’s problem.

  • Template/theme development
  • Plugin development
  • Web application development
  • WordPress Child-themes/modifications


By enhancing your website in terms of SEO, design solutions, mobile optimization, reducing unnecessary requests I make sure that your visitors get the most of your website.

  • On-page SEO optimization
  • Layout optimization
  • On-page conversion optimization
  • On-page Speed optimization

Prices Web Design & Development

This is a short overview about estimated prices so you can see if my work is within your budget range. For your project you will always get a detailed and personal quote! Just Contact me for your individual project quote. I offer flexible budgeting and installments.


Full site design:
from 299€
Image design:
from 49€
Ad banners:
from 149€
E-book design:
from 199€

The price is an estimate and include one revision. More revisions are of course possible.


Theme development:
from 299€
Plugin development:
from 99€
Application development:
from 499€
WordPress modifications:
from 49€

The development prices are a rough estimate. Native mobile application development is not included.


SEO optimization:
from 49€
Layout optimization:
from 199€
Conversion optimization:
from 199€
Speed optimization:
from 99€

Optimization depends a lot on your requirements, from small changes to complete layouts.