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This free WordPress plugin displays the XML-data from islamicfinder.org in a nice style on your website as a WordPress widget! The prayer times widget displays the exact times for fajr, sunrise, duhr, asr, maghrib and isha, fully translatable for each widget in the front end. This widget offers a lot of customization and displays your city, country, the Gregorian or the Hijri date.

prayer times widget

Attention: this plugin displays the prayer times from islamicfinder.org, so for this to work you need the full XML-URL from islamicfinder.org. Please refer to the tutorial.

Download free WordPress Plugin on the WordPress Plugin Repository:

downloadOwlish prayer times at the WordPress Plugin directory

Prayer times plugin tutorial

1. Please download the widget as a zip file.

2. Go to your WordPress backend and select “Plugins” -> “Add new” and then “Upload plugin”. Select the zip-file on your hard drive and press “Install now”.

3. After seeing the message “Plugin installed successfully”, click on “Activate plugin” or return to your plugin list and click “Activate” on the Owlish prayer times plugin.

4. Go to “Appearance” -> “Widgets” and drag the Owlish prayer times widget to your sidebar.

5. Now you can make the necessary changes you want to the widget. For the XML-URL please refer to the next part. Please do activate the “Allow back link to islamicfinder.org” checkbox, otherwise the plugin won’t output anything.

Click on save and your widget is fully configured and online!

XML-URL tutorial

For the XML-URL to display the correct prayer times for your desired location, please open first the islamicfinder.org homepage.


If you see your city correctly, please click your city name, otherwise click on the “wrong location” link and select your desired prayer times location.

Attention: Please do at this point *not* click on the banner “Add daily prayer times…” it will not give the XML output!

After selecting your city, you see the prayer schedule window with this weeks prayer times for your location.


At this point you can change the juristic or the calculation method according your needs.

When the prayer times are configured as you need, now click on the “Add daily prayer times to your website” banner, located on the right side near the “Search another city” field.


On the next window, click on the 3.XML-format link located at the upper area of the page


Now you see your whole XML-URL below the text “XML Format For Daily Prayer Times”. Please copy the whole URL from the text box and enter it in your Owlish prayer times widget “URL” text area and save the widget.

Troubleshooting your free WordPress prayer times widget

Error message: Please check your Owlish prayer times widget settings (allow link back to islamicfinder.org)

This message means, you have not ticked the check box “Allow back link to islamicfinder.org”. This is required for this widget to output anything.


Error message: Please set prayer time URL

You have not set up the prayer times URL from islamicfinder.org. Please refer to the tutorial above.


Error message: XML-error in output

Mostly the URL you have set as the XML prayer times URL is not correct. Maybe you did not copy the whole URL? Please try again and refer to the tutorial above.


At the moment the XML output generated by islamicfinder.org is wrong. I was already in contact with the support, but I cannot say when it will be repaired. In the meantime you can add the missing paramenters by yourself. The XML URL is missing 3 important parameters:

  • longitude
  • latitude
  • timezone

You see in your XML URL this part:

... /prayer_service.php?country=YOURCOUNTRY&city=YOURCITY&state=XX&zipcode=&latitude=&longitude=&timezone=& ...

As you can see, the parameters are missing (there is the parameter name, then = and then the &. The parameter value is missing between the = and &)

But in the previous step you see this values. So beginning from the frontpage, you click your city name in the short prayer times box on the page. In the next page you can see the parameters for latitude, longitude and timezone filled out at the adress bar of your browser. Copy these values into your XML URL.

It should look like this:

... /prayer_service.php?country=YOURCOUNTRY&city=YOURCITY&state=XX&zipcode=&latitude=62.2333&longitude=25.7333&timezone=2& ...

(Of course replace with your values) And your prayer times should be displayed properly. I am sorry for the trouble, I hope this gets repaired by the team of islamicfinder soon.


Error message: XML is containing not expected data

Your XML URL is not correct. Could it be that you selected the “Monthly prayer times URL” instead of the daily? Please be aware, this plugin is only working with the daily prayer times.


Other possible errors

The city or the country name is not displayed correctly. For example, instead of umlauts the widget displays � exclamation marks.

This is an error from islamicfinder. In most cases it should be enough to change the � into the desired character directly in the XML-URL from the widget settings. Be careful though, not to change any more, in that case it can destroy the functionality from the widget and the prayer times will not be displayed correctly.

Error Message: Retrieving prayer data failed.

This is an uncommon error and can result from different problems. It means WordPress fails to retrieve the XML content via wp_remote_open from islamicfinder.org. This can be:

  • you are installing on a local server without internet connection
  • the islamicfinder.org website is temporary down
  • your webhoster has the PHP setting of “allow_url_fopen” off AND cURL is not enabled on the server. In that case you have to contact your hoster


Did you like this free WordPress widget? Please rate it on the WordPress plugin directory and share it with your friends!

Please note: I am not in any way connected or working for islamicfinder.org, nor do I necessary express the views hold on the website. I provide this plugin without warranty, should islamicfinder.org some day decide to stop the XML-URL API functionality, I am not responsible for that and in that case this widget will stop working.

For any comments, feedback or suggestions, please use the comment function below this post!

Wish to donate for this plugin? More information can be found here: click me for more information

18 responses to “Owlish Prayer Times WordPress Plugin”

  1. Upload in progress…This is taking longer than usual.An error may have occurred.View script’s output

    • Maria Maria says:

      Hi! Thanks for your comment. Can you please specify? This sounds like a connection problem. Did you install the plugin directly from WordPress Directory or via file upload? Which version of WordPress are you using?

    • satish pal says:

      presently this plugin is not working as islamicfinder.org website has got updated so it’s not supporting anymore for your plugin to display prayer timings on wordpress website.

      • Maria Maria says:

        Thank you so much for your comment. Yes unfortunatedly it is looking like there is no change for this plugin in the future. I was in contact with the islamicfinder.org team but there was no answer regarding the plugin. I will have to take it down 🙁

  2. AK says:

    Assalam O Alikum,

    I run 2 Islamic sites and 1 is underway. Love the plugin but is there a way that I can remove the last line “prayer times from islamicfinder.org” ?

    • Maria Maria says:

      wa aleikum assalam! Thanks, happy it is useful! Unfortunatedly, it is not allowed from islamicfinder itself, their rules say that the prayer times can only used if link back to islamicfinder is set.

  3. Ali says:

    We need some changes for localization in german, for example
    24 hours date format and date format for gregorian date like dd.mm.yyyy and some other improvments.

    i have sent you an email, can you please check that if this possible?


    • Maria Maria says:

      Thanks, I got your email and sent you answer back. Looking forward to hear from you!

      • Yousif Salam says:

        Assalamu aleikum,
        I also need to get it 24 hours date format and date format for gregorian date like dd.mm.yyyy for our site.
        Can you please sent me an e-mail with instructions?
        Thank you.
        Wa salam

      • Maria Maria says:

        wa aleikum assalam

        Thanks for your request! I sent you an email, it should arrive shortly.

        assalamu aleikum

  4. Syed says:

    Asaslam Aulakum

    Can you please add a function that allows for Jamat and Jumah qutba timing please.

    Jazakallah Khair

    • Maria Maria says:

      wa aleikum assalam

      Thank you for your suggestion. Do you mean extra fields? I think this would be bloated, since Jamat times would be necessary for each of the 5 prayers and plus Khutbah, this would take about 12 fields for the timings.

      But having the Jamat and Khutbah times as an extra plugin? So just to enter the times in the backend? Maybe this could be considered as a future release.

      barakallahu fiikum!

  5. Khalid says:

    Essalam oualaikum,
    can you please tell me how can I use the 24 hours date format.
    Jazaki allahu Khairan

    • Maria Maria says:

      wa aleikum assalam. For that you would need to alter the source code of the plugin, it is unfortunatedly not possible to change to time format from the backend. But if this is a requested feature, I’ll think about if it could be implemented in future versions.

  6. Vanessa says:

    Assalamu alaikum sis 🙂

    I was just doing a redesign of Me Muslima, and wanted to say thank you so much for this plug in and le tyou know how much I appreciate it 🙂 Subhan Allah.

  7. M Laasri says:

    Assalamu aleikum,
    I also need to get it 24 hours date format and date format for gregorian date like dd.mm.yyyy for our site.
    Can you please sent me an e-mail with instructions?
    Thank you.
    Wa salam

    • Maria Maria says:

      wa aleikum assalam

      Thank you for your message, for a customized version of the plugin please send an email with your requirements, I will then send you a quote based on your project. Thank you very much

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