Free Quote Printable “Comfort Zone”

posted: 27.09.2015 | by: Maria | Category: Crafts


Reminder to never stay contempt with the comfort zone! Download this pdf for free and print it with your home printer. Hang it somewhere you cannot forget!

Why should we get out of our comfort zone?

Because staying in your comfort zone hardly get you anywhere. It is safe and easy there, but with by just following the old, safe paths, you never get to see anything new. Unless your goal is to be a couch potato, staying in your comfort zone does not let you reach your goals, in business or in life general.

When faced with difficulties, having the energy to go on and not to give up is important so that you can grow and be a better person. And no one grows, except in tummy, when staying in the comfort zone.

Download this free printable quote “No one reaches the goal by staying in the comfort zone” for free now!

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