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Quran Printable Home Decor

    This weeks freebie is a free quran printable pdf with a quote from the quran. The quote is a finnish translation of the meanings of the quran of surah 33 ayah 35. Quran printable freebie The english translation of the meanings from the full ayah 35: Indeed, the Muslim men and Muslim women, […]


Story of Adam in finnish

free finnish ebook story of adam

The story of Adam in finnish language as a free e-book. The story begins with the creation of earth, how Allah made Adam and taught him the names of all creatures. Contains the treachery of Iblees and how Adam and Hawwa made were seduced by Iblees.


Little Muslim Handbook in finnish

little muslim handbook free ebook

Little muslim handbook is targeted for new muslims in finnish language. It contains short explanations about the 5 pillars of islam, the six articles of faith, how to make whudu and how to pray. Contains also some aya from the quran, the arabic transliterated into finnish pronounciation and with the translations of the meanings of the quran.