Thank You and Goodbye

written: 31.10.2016 | by: Maria | in: Blog


It is an odd feeling to write this post. It is the end of October, autumn has finally really arrived in Finland. The sky is grey and it is raining. Really the perfect weather for these words.

This is going to be my last post on this blog. On the one side I am happy to write this, on the other side it is a sad feeling. It feels like autumn. Nature prepares to say goodbye to summer, trees let go of their leaves, and I let go of my baby. My business.

So this post is a big THANK YOU to you all!

Thank you to all my customers, supporters, friends and family. The last 4 years have been awesome! I have met amazing people from all over the world. Inspirational women with thriving businesses. Awesome ladies working hard to support others. My customers have been mostly from Europe, but I have also worked for people in Australia, Japan, UAE and USA.

As you maybe have read in the last newsletter, I am quitting business by the 30th November. It was not an easy decision to make, but the right one that had to be made.

I could now rant how “clients from hell” make life as entrepreneur difficult, or how the bureaucracy for small entrepreneurs is killing a lot of the fun, but these are obstacles you just have to deal with. They are part of being an entrepreneur and not the real reason why I quit my business.

I have learned a lot in these 4 years. About business, about me, about entrepreneurship, about front-end techniques and about so much more, things I could have never imagined that I would have to deal with. It was really an awesome time. But now is the right moment to move on.

The ultimate why I quit?

Although all the negative sides in business (I never thought someone calling himself a muslim would really cheat over money – but that was naive. We are all just humans and make mistakes) play a part in the decision, the number one reason is simply that I don’t like entrepreneurship anymore, especially in the IT field.

I love being creative, helping others to have great websites that do sell, and, most important, are easy to use for the customers. That has always been a passion of mine. The downside of being an entrepreneur – you don’t really have much time to do what you love, as you have to deal with all the other stuff, like marketing, pitching, accounting, social media, organization etc.

I feel that, to REALLY do what I love, I would have to build this business differently. Scale and hire people. This would require investments I don’t want to make. (And a lot more other stuff I don’t want to deal with, like hiring people, being a CEO, manage an office etc., which then leaves a lot less time to make websites.)

I have been in IT for over 13 years now. I feel that I have come to an end with computers. Most of my days I have been staring at the computer screen.

Being a mompreneur and one-women-business-entrepreneur is a lonely job. Sure, there are support groups, meet-ups, online-seminars and so on, but they do not replace working colleagues.

What next?

My big plans are going to university. I know it will not be easy. Combining study and family is always a challenge. So I would be happy if you could pray for me.

If you are interested in staying in touch with me: I have made a profile on LinkedIn, feel free to add me to your connections, I’d be happy about it.

All social media accounts related to Coding Owl Designs are going to be deleted by the end of November. This website stays open for now and I will keep the newsletter subscriptions open for a while, so if you want to get notified about future changes, subscribe to the newsletter (I will not send any more newsletter, but I do keep the email addresses).

If I ever do open a business again, maybe with partners, I will send an email out. One never knows what the future brings, eh?

So long, I will miss you all very much. Stay safe and awesome!


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