The Perfect Web hoster?

written: 30.08.2016 | by: Maria | in: Blog

perfect web hoster

As you probably already know, there is no “the perfect” web hoster at all. Every website has different requirements, every business is unique, so one hoster can never fit them all.

But the search for the perfect web hoster or the best web hoster is a common question for new business owners. We all want to have the best home for our “little baby” 🙂

Your opinion counts

So I cannot deliver you a ready answer what is the perfect web hoster for you. But I would love to hear your experiences! What web hoster are you using (you are welcome to add your affiliate link if you have one) and why? What do you like the best at them? Did you run into any problems?

My web hoster is Alfahosting, a german based web hoster I have been customer for 8 years now. They have an excellent support, full automated backups every two days (which has saved me a lot of frustration several times) and really reliable hosting.

My affiliate link for them is: Alfahosting (I get a small commission for every sign-up. I love their service so I am happy to spread the word)

Let us know in the comments! Why do you like your webhoster?

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