Export Your Articles from Shopware to Google Merchant Center

Preparing your Shopware Articles for Google Shopping

Shopware comes with a native export for Google Shopping. However, it does not work out of the box. But with a few tweaks on the export Template it should be working great.

Please notice, probably you will have to tweak your articles too, and if you are working with variants, you will need an extra plugin too. But later more on that.

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Are Many Followers or Likes Really that Important?

If searching for Twitter followers, there are a lot of blog posts and articles about how important it is, to have a lot of followers.

Who is your audience?

Facebook likes

When Facebook first introduced pages, everyone who likes your page got your pages updates in their news feed. So therefore, having a lot of “likes” meant to have a lot of audience, which increased the change of getting shared and commented. But in 2012 Facebook made a lot of changes in their algorithm, as they say to prevent spam posts and non-engaging content. But it’s just a fact, that Facebook pages were at this time a channel to make free advertising. So they wanted their piece of the cake. Now to reach all of your “likers” on Facebook, you have to pay for your posts. Non-paid posts are getting hardly audience.

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Choosing the Right Designer – Freelancer or Agency?

freelancer vs agency

Startup businesses stand before the big choice. Which expert to hire for their online-representation. Since the market and competition is huge in web design, there are plenty of choices available.

The first thing you should ask yourself, which type of designer to you hire.

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4 Things to Consider When Starting Your Online Business


Starting your e-commerce business online is not a closed book. Although the available cart-softwares are huge, the amount of web developers and online-marketeers massive, with proper preparation for your new online-business you have a good start.

We assume that you have your business idea and your business concept ready. In the ideal case you had already a marketing plan and branding concept. The concept of your brand is important at the beginning, because the following will build on that.

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How to Update Your Online-Store

Online Business with e-commerce

Many people are in online-business today. It becomes easier and easier to have your own e-commerce store in the internet. Selling products online does not require coding skills anymore.

Most easiest way is to rent one of the available e-carts on the internet. The advantages are really clear, you can start uploading your products almost immediately, the online-store is already configured, on most of the you can choose from several designs or colors.

But the disadvantages are also clear. High costs or lot of advertising and almost no flexibility.

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Affordable Web Design?

As a new start-up business, there comes the day when you need to start to search for a web site design company. The competition is just huge, and to find a trustworthy company, is not easy. The search results are big and every web design company tell you, they are the best.

The problem is, if you are not tech-savvy, it is really difficult to find a trustworthy professional web designer. Today, almost everyone can make nice-looking websites with no HTML-knowledge at all. Just download some free HTML-Template from one of the many websites which offer free templates. Change some text and upload it to your hosting.

There you have a nice website.

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Customer Service – or Non-Service?

bad customer service

I have been working in my own business now almost one year now, and on some occasions I have experienced a really bad customer service. Not only in the business area, as a private person in many occasions too.

This is a thing I can’t really believe, how a company, no matter how small or big it is, can provide such a bad service. Is the customer service not the very heart of a company?

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Twitter Feed Without Javascript

Please note: this tutorial should give you a quick overview, how to script your own twitter feed to your webpage, and is not intended as a full tutorial, especially if you do not have any programming skills!

Adding a twitter feed to your website as a javascript solution is easy. Just login to your twitter account and go to “settings” -> “widgets”, then you can just create the new widget with your preferred data. At the end just click on create and twitter gives you the embed code.

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