The Most Important Factor on a Website


What is the most important on a website? As business owners and entrepreneurs many of us try to do as much as they can DIY. And with the rise of CMS systems like WordPress and Joomla, or Page Builders like Wix and Squarespace, the temptation to make your own website is huge.

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How to Start Home Based Business


Do you think about starting your home based online business? If you begun to look around for information, where to start, it is fully possible that you are just overwhelmed by all the information available. I know, I experienced the same. Even when I knew what I wanted to do, the how seemed like a huge task.

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I realised it at this very moment, sitting here on my desk. The sun is shining outside and gives beautiful shades on the trees. I think I spotted a squirrel.Read more…

What is Website ROI & Why is it Important

When reading articles for online businesses and about selling online, you sure have seen the term ROI. But what is website ROI and why is this important? Check out now the newest blog post on Coding Owl Designs!

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Is This Our Measure of Success?


What is success as an muslim entrepreneur? When we look at the success stories in the magazines, successful entrepreneurs are those who manage to get millions as revenue within the first years. Or those who build world-wide know brands. Those who grow their social media followers into the thousands and thousands. So seems to be measured, how famous you get or how much money you can make.

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