When is The Right Time to Invest in Your Website


When starting an online business you get at some time to the point where you need a great website, but when is the right time to invest in your website? Since your business website is the face of your business, it has to be professional and represent your values. Period. It is also a fact that the good visual design of a website communicates a sense of value, trustworthiness and credibility.Read more…

Business Showcase: Royal Henna


It is time for our next Business Showcase! This weeks we feature the awesome Zarmina from, a german based henna artist and henna supplier. Read more about her business and her inspiration!

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Why Spend on a Designer if I Can Buy a Theme?

why spend on a designer

With the rise of WordPress Theme marketplaces such as Themeforest and the likes, a significant number of “one-for-all” WordPress Themes have been developed. Filled with Page Builders, Galleries, Portfolios, Sliders and other similar stuff, these themes promise to be the solution for all your WordPress needs.Read more…

Business Showcase: Arabic seeds


This weeks Business Showcase features the amazing Ummu Meriem from, an arabic teaching resource full of digital resources to teach children arabic. Read more about her business and her inspiration!

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How to Protect Your WordPress Website

how to protect your wordpress website

With WordPress being the most popular CMS is also known as a vulnerable content management system. The bad reputation in terms of security has its reasons, true. But in most cases when a breach or hack happen, it is not fault of the WordPress core software. As with the most software pieces in the world, the security thread is in front of the monitor. I all the projects I was confronted with cleaning of a hacked WordPress installation, the breach happened because of a bad maintenance practice. So how to protect your WordPress Website?Read more…

Business Showcase – Get Featured!


It always amazes me, how many awesome ladies pursue their dreams despite all the obstacles they have to conquer. I know being an entrepreneur is not easy, and it will never be.

To celebrate all the amazing ladies and their businesses I wanted to make a business showcase section on this blog. Want to get your business featured? Including a free link back to your site!Read more…

Development Case Study: Halalgoodies

This weeks Development Case Study on Coding Owl Designs is a little overview about the Halalgoodies project I finished this week. It was an amazing project and I was really honoured to work together with such talented people!

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Common Problems When Starting a Business – Your Opinion


Starting an own business it not easy and can feel like a huge task at the beginning. All the paperwork, the business and marketing plans, the suppliers, the store/website etc. It seems like a lot.

And it is at the beginning, there is no way around it. Many of those task cannot and should not be skipped.Read more…