Is There Such a Thing as Easy Money Online?

written: 22.07.2016 | by: Maria | in: Blog


Is the term of Easy Money not describing some of our basic desires? Does not our weaker self wish to be served the finest meals and treats by a butler with a grim face? How about never have to do any laundry or dishes anymore?

With enough money we could easily hire someone to do all that for us. Or even if we are happy with the household chores, having enough money to be able to travel around would not be bad, eh?

So it is no wonder that this is an always actual request. How to make money easily online?

How to make easy money online?

If you type this question into google, you can already see that it is a common question asked by many people and there are probably millions of articles about that topic. So many articles, blog posts, webdinars, e-mail courses about making money online.

One thing is for sure

There are no shortcuts to success.

There are no shortcuts to make easy money online. Either you are incredible lucky to have the right skill set and know the right people, paired with an event giving you lots of exposure (about 1% of people have this) or you work hard for your money (the rest of us 99%).

Sure, there are legitimate ways to make money online, like filling out surveys, doing website tests, write reviews and similar, but these do make only a little stream of money at a time. If you count it up to an hourly rate, it will not be much. And if your income is always bound to how much you can work, the income will always be limited, because your time is limited.

But what then?

Another way is to leverage your skill sets by writing e-books, get paid for your services, making products to sell etc.

But all of them are not easy money and require hard work.

I am confident to say, there is no (legal) way to make easy money online!

But, making money online is entirely possible. Leverage your skills, get an audience and sell to them. You need to consider basically the following points:

  1. Leverage your skill and your passion
  2. Transfer this skill to deliver a solution
  3. Find people who are willing to pay for this solution

This basic formula is just as simple as that. The realisation of that is not simple at all, I know. So every time you see someone promising you thousands of bucks by following their realisation of this basic formula, know that, in most cases (the 99%) it is not that easy. If you think about starting your business online as a muslim, I recommend you to read this.


What skills do you leverage to make money online? Any tips to share for those who want to make money online?

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