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In our Business Showcase this week our featured business is Raya from Muslim Mommy USA. Read more about her business and her inspiration below!


Tell us about your business:

Muslim Mommy USA is an Islamic based parenting and entrepreneurial lifestyle blog dedicated to helping Muslim parents in the United States teach children 2-5 years old with the use of visual aides, as well as help Muslim brands create a presence with its rapidly growing following.

Tell us something about yourself:

My name is Raya Najjar, I am the content creator for Muslim Mommy USA.

I am a revert, Mother to my two beautiful daughters, and a loyal Wife.

I am also a graphic and web designer, as well as a self-proclaimed critic, who loves to bake brownies.

Why did you start your business?

I reverted in 2010 alhumdulillah, and struggled with my identity as well as learning about Islam. And one of my main goals as a revert was to do my best to learn Arabic to be able to read the Qur’an, and in sha Allah understand what it says.

From then on, this thought grew into an idea a couple of years later, after our first child was born, whom I was watching grow before my eyes.

Ma sha Allah. I was so inspired by her, to teach her about everything I knew and all we both could learn about! My desire to learn Arabic and teach her for the benefit of being able to read the Qur’an is what drove me.

So for a few more years, I decided that visual aides are very helpful when teaching children. After all, I used to work as a nurse to children with speech and occupational disabilities. While doing so, I have discovered that pictures and flashcards to be very helpful as teach in tools.

So why could I not make use of what I’ve learned in practice with my child at home?

That was my “A-HA!” moment.

Fast-forward to 2015 is when I began creating the colorful Arabic flashcards. I received such great response, I moved on to creating our first 30 card digital Surat al Fatiha flashcards. Alhumdulillah, it felt great creating them!

Now my daughter knows both English and Arabic alphabets, as well as Surat al Fatiha, Surat al Falaq, and Surat al Ikhlas, in sha Allah, which are all in the process of creating (Surat al Fatiha downloads are available now).

What do you enjoy most about your business?

I love the creation process. I love getting to know and read about revert stories shared to me by my readers, the interviews I do to help other parents – especially mothers – out there who want to start their own business, as well as learning about how a Muslim brand/business was built by our [Muslim] brothers and sisters.

Since my articles and printables are targeted towards other parents and their children, it makes it easier to relate because I am in their shoes, so-to-speak.

What advise would you give women who wants to start their own business?

You are more than capable of “making it,” you just have to decide if it is important enough for you to go after it.

Do you have a source of inspiration? If yes, please tell us about it:

The though of Khadija RA comes to mind for me. She was a great example of a strong, intellectual, business woman, who had the abilities and capabilities to run a business needless of a man’s presence and leadership, ma sha Allah! She was also our Prophet’s pbuh first love, who believed in him no matter the circumstances and danger around them.

I look up to her as a successful business woman. She held her own, ma sha Allah.

Thank you so much Rayya for participating in the business showcase! May Allah give you barakah in your business.

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