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The Perfect Web hoster?

perfect web hoster

As you probably already know, there is no “the perfect” web hoster at all. Every website has different requirements, every business is unique, so one hoster can never fit them all.Read more…

Best Way to Index in WordPress for Google

Best Way to Index in WordPress for GoogleHave you ever wondered what  is the best way to index in WordPress for Google? In WordPress default installation (without any additional plugins), all pages don’t have any specific meta tags for indexing. This means Google will just read and index all the pages like they are.
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Why Spend on a Designer if I Can Buy a Theme?

why spend on a designer

With the rise of WordPress Theme marketplaces such as Themeforest and the likes, a significant number of “one-for-all” WordPress Themes have been developed. Filled with Page Builders, Galleries, Portfolios, Sliders and other similar stuff, these themes promise to be the solution for all your WordPress needs.Read more…

How to Protect Your WordPress Website

how to protect your wordpress website

With WordPress being the most popular CMS is also known as a vulnerable content management system. The bad reputation in terms of security has its reasons, true. But in most cases when a breach or hack happen, it is not fault of the WordPress core software. As with the most software pieces in the world, the security thread is in front of the monitor. I all the projects I was confronted with cleaning of a hacked WordPress installation, the breach happened because of a bad maintenance practice. So how to protect your WordPress Website?Read more…

Technical Consultation for Free


Technical consultation about online business for entrepreneurs – unaffordable? As an entrepreneur the online presence of your business is the first thing your customers see, but how to have a great online presence without the technical knowledge? A simple website can be done with CMS like WordPress or Joomla. But what if the need goes beyond that? Hiring a website agency seems to be unaffordable for small businesses. But you do not have to spend thousands of dollars to get your websites straight! As a special service for my readers I am offering a free ask & answer session!

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How to Check Website Traffic


Tracking your visitors and knowing what they do is such a crucial part of an online business strategy. Without it you can hardly tell what to optimize on your online store or your website. Without a proper analytics software you will not know what website traffic you have.

Where does your visitors come from? Where do they go? How long do they stay? What devices are they using? And much more, in this post we are going to examine how to check website traffic.

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Starting Your Business as a Muslim – With Little Money


Starting your own business and being an entrepreneur is not easy. Especially for women, when a starting capital is not always at hand or very difficult to get because of the lack of islamic finance.

Who would not dream about starting their own business with little money and then make a loads of money each month?

This article is a starting point for anybody want to start their business halal way. First I explain what you need to calculate the costs of your business and later on we focus on islamic finance.

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How To Get Rid of the Emoji Code in WordPress


Since update 4.2 in WordPress bunch of Emoji code is added automatically to your website.

Yay! Another snippet to slow my site down. 🙁 All these nice !important declarations …. If you run your website on an advanced mobile testing tool, these will be marked as very nasty. Well, they are not soo nasty, mostly nobody will notice them, but any additional JavaScript take a bite of your loading time. So better to get rid of them, if not used.

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