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Why Spend on a Designer if I Can Buy a Theme?

why spend on a designer

With the rise of WordPress Theme marketplaces such as Themeforest and the likes, a significant number of “one-for-all” WordPress Themes have been developed. Filled with Page Builders, Galleries, Portfolios, Sliders and other similar stuff, these themes promise to be the solution for all your WordPress needs.Read more…

The Most Important Factor on a Website


What is the most important on a website? As business owners and entrepreneurs many of us try to do as much as they can DIY. And with the rise of CMS systems like WordPress and Joomla, or Page Builders like Wix and Squarespace, the temptation to make your own website is huge.

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What is Website ROI & Why is it Important

When reading articles for online businesses and about selling online, you sure have seen the term ROI. But what is website ROI and why is this important? Check out now the newest blog post on Coding Owl Designs!

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How to Plan a Website

how to plan a website codingowl

Why should you think about how to plan a website? It would be fun just to install a CMS like WordPress, start adding some text, browse some themes, upload images on the fly. Or just start having “fun” on site builders like wix. Rearrange, upload, design for hours until you are satisfied with the outcome. I believe mostly this is what people do, when they make their own website.

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How a Coding Owl Designs


Hi everybody! This week I wanted to give you a little insight behind the scenes of Coding Owl Designs!

As you can read on my “about” page, I am Maria, the founder of Coding Owl Designs. Since 2012 I have been helping women from all around the world to get their home-based business up and running.

I work from home on my little organized workspace, and I never regretted to turn my passion into a profession, although no path is straight and easy.

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Should I Use a Website Builder for My Business Website?


With the fast growing number of website builders, whose technology get’s easier and easier, people are easily tempted to think, why should I hire a web designer, if I can do my own website with a couple of clicks using a website builder like, weebly or jimdo?

Well, the answer is in fact really simple. But, firstly, I like to add, in some cases it can be really enough to use a website builder for your business website.

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Choosing the Right Designer – Freelancer or Agency?

freelancer vs agency

Startup businesses stand before the big choice. Which expert to hire for their online-representation. Since the market and competition is huge in web design, there are plenty of choices available.

The first thing you should ask yourself, which type of designer to you hire.

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