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Why Spend on a Designer if I Can Buy a Theme?

why spend on a designer

With the rise of WordPress Theme marketplaces such as Themeforest and the likes, a significant number of “one-for-all” WordPress Themes have been developed. Filled with Page Builders, Galleries, Portfolios, Sliders and other similar stuff, these themes promise to be the solution for all your WordPress needs.Read more…

Development Case Study: Halalgoodies

This weeks Development Case Study on Coding Owl Designs is a little overview about the Halalgoodies project I finished this week. It was an amazing project and I was really honoured to work together with such talented people!

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Technical Consultation for Free


Technical consultation about online business for entrepreneurs – unaffordable? As an entrepreneur the online presence of your business is the first thing your customers see, but how to have a great online presence without the technical knowledge? A simple website can be done with CMS like WordPress or Joomla. But what if the need goes beyond that? Hiring a website agency seems to be unaffordable for small businesses. But you do not have to spend thousands of dollars to get your websites straight! As a special service for my readers I am offering a free ask & answer session!

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How a Coding Owl Designs


Hi everybody! This week I wanted to give you a little insight behind the scenes of Coding Owl Designs!

As you can read on my “about” page, I am Maria, the founder of Coding Owl Designs. Since 2012 I have been helping women from all around the world to get their home-based business up and running.

I work from home on my little organized workspace, and I never regretted to turn my passion into a profession, although no path is straight and easy.

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Choosing the Right Designer – Freelancer or Agency?

freelancer vs agency

Startup businesses stand before the big choice. Which expert to hire for their online-representation. Since the market and competition is huge in web design, there are plenty of choices available.

The first thing you should ask yourself, which type of designer to you hire.

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Affordable Web Design?

As a new start-up business, there comes the day when you need to start to search for a web site design company. The competition is just huge, and to find a trustworthy company, is not easy. The search results are big and every web design company tell you, they are the best.

The problem is, if you are not tech-savvy, it is really difficult to find a trustworthy professional web designer. Today, almost everyone can make nice-looking websites with no HTML-knowledge at all. Just download some free HTML-Template from one of the many websites which offer free templates. Change some text and upload it to your hosting.

There you have a nice website.

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Twitter Feed Without Javascript

Please note: this tutorial should give you a quick overview, how to script your own twitter feed to your webpage, and is not intended as a full tutorial, especially if you do not have any programming skills!

Adding a twitter feed to your website as a javascript solution is easy. Just login to your twitter account and go to “settings” -> “widgets”, then you can just create the new widget with your preferred data. At the end just click on create and twitter gives you the embed code.

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