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The Crumble of Organic Reach

organic reach

Is Organic Reach dying a slow death?

Social media has evolved a lot from the early days, when organic reach was the key to run a successful business, and it was easy obtained, all you needed were funny cats and interesting headlines.

But organic reach is suppressed more and more on the social media platforms. I get that, organic reach is free advertising space for a business. And big businesses don’t like to give away for free more than necessary.Read more…

Time to Reflect – Fight the Information Overload

From time to time one has to take a step back and reflect. Reflect how far we have come, where are we going and what we are doing now. It is a good habit to do this on a regular basis.

I was recently very frustrated with Twitter, I had lost the fun, it was all about increasing followers, hack your growth, get your word out… ┬áIt felt like a discipline (Deja-vu…), another chore in the daily grind. The internet is overflowing with information, tips and trick how to do this and that better. 10 steps to grow your followers, 4 ways to get it going, 300 tips and tricks and so on.

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My Week Without Social Media Was a Failure – And What I Learned From it


This posting did took a while. I was very busy after my vacation, sorry for that. I hope you did not have to wait too long.
Before I went off to holidays, I had set a big goal. Be one week (almost) without any Social Networks. Well almost, because I am the only admin of a very special Facebook group, I could not leave it all alone. But it was a total disaster.

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Social Media – Hate it or Love it?

social media hate or love

Especially Facebook has always been a love and hate relationship. I cannot count how many times I have deleted my entire account, only to open it up again after a few months.

Well, since I started in my own business, I could not just let it be, social media is a big part of my advertising strategy and Facebook is at the top sites driving traffic to my homepage, therefore I am stuck with The Evil Social Media.

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Are Many Followers or Likes Really that Important?

If searching for Twitter followers, there are a lot of blog posts and articles about how important it is, to have a lot of followers.

Who is your audience?

Facebook likes

When Facebook first introduced pages, everyone who likes your page got your pages updates in their news feed. So therefore, having a lot of “likes” meant to have a lot of audience, which increased the change of getting shared and commented. But in 2012 Facebook made a lot of changes in their algorithm, as they say to prevent spam posts and non-engaging content. But it’s just a fact, that Facebook pages were at this time a channel to make free advertising. So they wanted their piece of the cake. Now to reach all of your “likers” on Facebook, you have to pay for your posts. Non-paid posts are getting hardly audience.

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Twitter Feed Without Javascript

Please note: this tutorial should give you a quick overview, how to script your own twitter feed to your webpage, and is not intended as a full tutorial, especially if you do not have any programming skills!

Adding a twitter feed to your website as a javascript solution is easy. Just login to your twitter account and go to “settings” -> “widgets”, then you can just create the new widget with your preferred data. At the end just click on create and twitter gives you the embed code.

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