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Joomla Security Update 3.6.2


A new Core XSS vulnerability, ACL violation and a CSRF problem was discovered on Joomla Versions 1.6.0 through 3.6.0. As a Joomla administrator you should have been notified by your website about this update. But updating is not straight forward this time.Read more…

Best Way to Index in WordPress for Google

Best Way to Index in WordPress for GoogleHave you ever wondered what  is the best way to index in WordPress for Google? In WordPress default installation (without any additional plugins), all pages don’t have any specific meta tags for indexing. This means Google will just read and index all the pages like they are.
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How to Protect Your WordPress Website

how to protect your wordpress website

With WordPress being the most popular CMS is also known as a vulnerable content management system. The bad reputation in terms of security has its reasons, true. But in most cases when a breach or hack happen, it is not fault of the WordPress core software. As with the most software pieces in the world, the security thread is in front of the monitor. I all the projects I was confronted with cleaning of a hacked WordPress installation, the breach happened because of a bad maintenance practice. So how to protect your WordPress Website?Read more…

How to Start Home Based Business


Do you think about starting your home based online business? If you begun to look around for information, where to start, it is fully possible that you are just overwhelmed by all the information available. I know, I experienced the same. Even when I knew what I wanted to do, the how seemed like a huge task.

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What is Website ROI & Why is it Important

When reading articles for online businesses and about selling online, you sure have seen the term ROI. But what is website ROI and why is this important? Check out now the newest blog post on Coding Owl Designs!

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Time to Reflect – Fight the Information Overload

From time to time one has to take a step back and reflect. Reflect how far we have come, where are we going and what we are doing now. It is a good habit to do this on a regular basis.

I was recently very frustrated with Twitter, I had lost the fun, it was all about increasing followers, hack your growth, get your word out…  It felt like a discipline (Deja-vu…), another chore in the daily grind. The internet is overflowing with information, tips and trick how to do this and that better. 10 steps to grow your followers, 4 ways to get it going, 300 tips and tricks and so on.

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Beginner’s Guide to Muslim Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business, the act of being an entrepreneur. But how to be an entrepreneur? What makes an entrepreneur different from an ordinary worker? And why is it being a muslim entrepreneur different? In this blog post I explain the important steps you need to take to be an (successful) muslim entrepreneur. Read on to the beginner’s guide to muslim entrepreneurship!

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How to Check Website Traffic


Tracking your visitors and knowing what they do is such a crucial part of an online business strategy. Without it you can hardly tell what to optimize on your online store or your website. Without a proper analytics software you will not know what website traffic you have.

Where does your visitors come from? Where do they go? How long do they stay? What devices are they using? And much more, in this post we are going to examine how to check website traffic.

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