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The Crumble of Organic Reach

organic reach

Is Organic Reach dying a slow death?

Social media has evolved a lot from the early days, when organic reach was the key to run a successful business, and it was easy obtained, all you needed were funny cats and interesting headlines.

But organic reach is suppressed more and more on the social media platforms. I get that, organic reach is free advertising space for a business. And big businesses don’t like to give away for free more than necessary.Read more…

When is The Right Time to Invest in Your Website


When starting an online business you get at some time to the point where you need a great website, but when is the right time to invest in your website? Since your business website is the face of your business, it has to be professional and represent your values. Period. It is also a fact that the good visual design of a website communicates a sense of value, trustworthiness and credibility.Read more…

Common Problems When Starting a Business – Your Opinion


Starting an own business it not easy and can feel like a huge task at the beginning. All the paperwork, the business and marketing plans, the suppliers, the store/website etc. It seems like a lot.

And it is at the beginning, there is no way around it. Many of those task cannot and should not be skipped.Read more…

Is This Our Measure of Success?


What is success as an muslim entrepreneur? When we look at the success stories in the magazines, successful entrepreneurs are those who manage to get millions as revenue within the first years. Or those who build world-wide know brands. Those who grow their social media followers into the thousands and thousands. So seems to be measured, how famous you get or how much money you can make.

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Advertise My Business? Why Should I?

Advertise my business by Coding Owl Designs

When I started my business, I really thought advertising is equal to those absolutely annoying guys calling you at the most inconvenient times and try to sell you their stuff you don’t need anyway, so why should I advertise my business? I thought advertising is something for the high-profile marketeers working in their agencies 18 hours a day and making so much money by tricking people to buy all sorts of crap. I was really resent by the word “advertising”.

How wrong I was!

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Time to Reflect – Fight the Information Overload

From time to time one has to take a step back and reflect. Reflect how far we have come, where are we going and what we are doing now. It is a good habit to do this on a regular basis.

I was recently very frustrated with Twitter, I had lost the fun, it was all about increasing followers, hack your growth, get your word out…  It felt like a discipline (Deja-vu…), another chore in the daily grind. The internet is overflowing with information, tips and trick how to do this and that better. 10 steps to grow your followers, 4 ways to get it going, 300 tips and tricks and so on.

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Why Loosing a Like is a Good Thing on Facebook


You should not be sad when somebody dislikes your page. It is a positive thing for your business. This topic is connected to the Facebook algorithm how your fans see your postings. As we know, Facebook has changed their news feed algorithm so many times. Read more to know why you should not be sad when you are loosing a “like”.

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