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The Perfect Web hoster?

perfect web hoster

As you probably already know, there is no “the perfect” web hoster at all. Every website has different requirements, every business is unique, so one hoster can never fit them all.Read more…

Joomla Security Update 3.6.2


A new Core XSS vulnerability, ACL violation and a CSRF problem was discovered on Joomla Versions¬†1.6.0 through 3.6.0. As a Joomla administrator you should have been notified by your website about this update. But updating is not straight forward this time.Read more…

How to Protect Your WordPress Website

how to protect your wordpress website

With WordPress being the most popular CMS is also known as a vulnerable content management system. The bad reputation in terms of security has its reasons, true. But in most cases when a breach or hack happen, it is not fault of the WordPress core software. As with the most software pieces in the world, the security thread is in front of the monitor. I all the projects I was confronted with cleaning of a hacked WordPress installation, the breach happened because of a bad maintenance practice. So how to protect your WordPress Website?Read more…