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How to Protect Your WordPress Website

how to protect your wordpress website

With WordPress being the most popular CMS is also known as a vulnerable content management system. The bad reputation in terms of security has its reasons, true. But in most cases when a breach or hack happen, it is not fault of the WordPress core software. As with the most software pieces in the world, the security thread is in front of the monitor. I all the projects I was confronted with cleaning of a hacked WordPress installation, the breach happened because of a bad maintenance practice. So how to protect your WordPress Website?Read more…

How To Get Rid of the Emoji Code in WordPress


Since update 4.2 in WordPress bunch of Emoji code is added automatically to your website.

Yay! Another snippet to slow my site down. 🙁 All these nice !important declarations …. If you run your website on an advanced mobile testing tool, these will be marked as very nasty. Well, they are not soo nasty, mostly nobody will notice them, but any additional JavaScript take a bite of your loading time. So better to get rid of them, if not used.

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Twitter Feed Without Javascript

Please note: this tutorial should give you a quick overview, how to script your own twitter feed to your webpage, and is not intended as a full tutorial, especially if you do not have any programming skills!

Adding a twitter feed to your website as a javascript solution is easy. Just login to your twitter account and go to “settings” -> “widgets”, then you can just create the new widget with your preferred data. At the end just click on create and twitter gives you the embed code.

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