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How to Update Your Online-Store

Online Business with e-commerce

Many people are in online-business today. It becomes easier and easier to have your own e-commerce store in the internet. Selling products online does not require coding skills anymore.

Most easiest way is to rent one of the available e-carts on the internet. The advantages are really clear, you can start uploading your products almost immediately, the online-store is already configured, on most of the you can choose from several designs or colors.

But the disadvantages are also clear. High costs or lot of advertising and almost no flexibility.

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Twitter Feed Without Javascript

Please note: this tutorial should give you a quick overview, how to script your own twitter feed to your webpage, and is not intended as a full tutorial, especially if you do not have any programming skills!

Adding a twitter feed to your website as a javascript solution is easy. Just login to your twitter account and go to “settings” -> “widgets”, then you can just create the new widget with your preferred data. At the end just click on create and twitter gives you the embed code.

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