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Why Loosing a Like is a Good Thing on Facebook


You should not be sad when somebody dislikes your page. It is a positive thing for your business. This topic is connected┬áto the Facebook algorithm how your fans see your postings. As we know, Facebook has changed their news feed algorithm so many times.┬áRead more to know why you should not be sad when you are loosing a “like”.

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Are Many Followers or Likes Really that Important?

If searching for Twitter followers, there are a lot of blog posts and articles about how important it is, to have a lot of followers.

Who is your audience?

Facebook likes

When Facebook first introduced pages, everyone who likes your page got your pages updates in their news feed. So therefore, having a lot of “likes” meant to have a lot of audience, which increased the change of getting shared and commented. But in 2012 Facebook made a lot of changes in their algorithm, as they say to prevent spam posts and non-engaging content. But it’s just a fact, that Facebook pages were at this time a channel to make free advertising. So they wanted their piece of the cake. Now to reach all of your “likers” on Facebook, you have to pay for your posts. Non-paid posts are getting hardly audience.

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