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Business Showcase – Get Featured!


It always amazes me, how many awesome ladies pursue their dreams despite all the obstacles they have to conquer. I know being an entrepreneur is not easy, and it will never be.

To celebrate all the amazing ladies and their businesses I wanted to make a business showcase section on this blog. Want to get your business featured? Including a free link back to your site!Read more…

Common Problems When Starting a Business – Your Opinion


Starting an own business it not easy and can feel like a huge task at the beginning. All the paperwork, the business and marketing plans, the suppliers, the store/website etc. It seems like a lot.

And it is at the beginning, there is no way around it. Many of those task cannot and should not be skipped.Read more…

How to Start Home Based Business


Do you think about starting your home based online business? If you begun to look around for information, where to start, it is fully possible that you are just overwhelmed by all the information available. I know, I experienced the same. Even when I knew what I wanted to do, the how seemed like a huge task.

Read more…



I realised it at this very moment, sitting here on my desk. The sun is shining outside and gives beautiful shades on the trees. I think I spotted a squirrel.Read more…