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The Crumble of Organic Reach

organic reach

Is Organic Reach dying a slow death?

Social media has evolved a lot from the early days, when organic reach was the key to run a successful business, and it was easy obtained, all you needed were funny cats and interesting headlines.

But organic reach is suppressed more and more on the social media platforms. I get that, organic reach is free advertising space for a business. And big businesses don’t like to give away for free more than necessary.Read more…

Time to Reflect – Fight the Information Overload

From time to time one has to take a step back and reflect. Reflect how far we have come, where are we going and what we are doing now. It is a good habit to do this on a regular basis.

I was recently very frustrated with Twitter, I had lost the fun, it was all about increasing followers, hack your growth, get your word out…  It felt like a discipline (Deja-vu…), another chore in the daily grind. The internet is overflowing with information, tips and trick how to do this and that better. 10 steps to grow your followers, 4 ways to get it going, 300 tips and tricks and so on.

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Why Loosing a Like is a Good Thing on Facebook


You should not be sad when somebody dislikes your page. It is a positive thing for your business. This topic is connected to the Facebook algorithm how your fans see your postings. As we know, Facebook has changed their news feed algorithm so many times. Read more to know why you should not be sad when you are loosing a “like”.

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My Week Without Social Media Was a Failure – And What I Learned From it


This posting did took a while. I was very busy after my vacation, sorry for that. I hope you did not have to wait too long.
Before I went off to holidays, I had set a big goal. Be one week (almost) without any Social Networks. Well almost, because I am the only admin of a very special Facebook group, I could not leave it all alone. But it was a total disaster.

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Social Media – Hate it or Love it?

social media hate or love

Especially Facebook has always been a love and hate relationship. I cannot count how many times I have deleted my entire account, only to open it up again after a few months.

Well, since I started in my own business, I could not just let it be, social media is a big part of my advertising strategy and Facebook is at the top sites driving traffic to my homepage, therefore I am stuck with The Evil Social Media.

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Are Many Followers or Likes Really that Important?

If searching for Twitter followers, there are a lot of blog posts and articles about how important it is, to have a lot of followers.

Who is your audience?

Facebook likes

When Facebook first introduced pages, everyone who likes your page got your pages updates in their news feed. So therefore, having a lot of “likes” meant to have a lot of audience, which increased the change of getting shared and commented. But in 2012 Facebook made a lot of changes in their algorithm, as they say to prevent spam posts and non-engaging content. But it’s just a fact, that Facebook pages were at this time a channel to make free advertising. So they wanted their piece of the cake. Now to reach all of your “likers” on Facebook, you have to pay for your posts. Non-paid posts are getting hardly audience.

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