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Is There Such a Thing as Easy Money Online?


Is the term of Easy Money not describing some of our basic desires? Does not our weaker self wish to be served the finest meals and treats by a butler with a grim face? How about never have to do any laundry or dishes anymore?

With enough money we could easily hire someone to do all that for us. Or even if we are happy with the household chores, having enough money to be able to travel around would not be bad, eh?

So it is no wonder that this is an always actual request. How to make money easily online?Read more…

When is The Right Time to Invest in Your Website


When starting an online business you get at some time to the point where you need a great website, but when is the right time to invest in your website? Since your business website is the face of your business, it has to be professional and represent your values. Period. It is also a fact that the good visual design of a website communicates a sense of value, trustworthiness and credibility.Read more…

Why Spend on a Designer if I Can Buy a Theme?

why spend on a designer

With the rise of WordPress Theme marketplaces such as Themeforest and the likes, a significant number of “one-for-all” WordPress Themes have been developed. Filled with Page Builders, Galleries, Portfolios, Sliders and other similar stuff, these themes promise to be the solution for all your WordPress needs.Read more…

Common Problems When Starting a Business – Your Opinion


Starting an own business it not easy and can feel like a huge task at the beginning. All the paperwork, the business and marketing plans, the suppliers, the store/website etc. It seems like a lot.

And it is at the beginning, there is no way around it. Many of those task cannot and should not be skipped.Read more…

The Most Important Factor on a Website


What is the most important on a website? As business owners and entrepreneurs many of us try to do as much as they can DIY. And with the rise of CMS systems like WordPress and Joomla, or Page Builders like Wix and Squarespace, the temptation to make your own website is huge.

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I realised it at this very moment, sitting here on my desk. The sun is shining outside and gives beautiful shades on the trees. I think I spotted a squirrel.Read more…

Is This Our Measure of Success?


What is success as an muslim entrepreneur? When we look at the success stories in the magazines, successful entrepreneurs are those who manage to get millions as revenue within the first years. Or those who build world-wide know brands. Those who grow their social media followers into the thousands and thousands. So seems to be measured, how famous you get or how much money you can make.

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Support Groups for Muslim Women Entrepreneurs


One important key to success is to surround yourself with like-minded people. In a support group for muslim women entrepreneurs you can ask questions, share information and experiences with others. A good support group is a place where everybody can help each other on the path to success. Competing with each other, being jealous and backbiting are not part of a support group.

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