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How to Plan a Website

how to plan a website codingowl

Why should you think about how to plan a website? It would be fun just to install a CMS like WordPress, start adding some text, browse some themes, upload images on the fly. Or just start having “fun” on site builders like wix. Rearrange, upload, design for hours until you are satisfied with the outcome. I believe mostly this is what people do, when they make their own website.

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Affordable Web Design?

As a new start-up business, there comes the day when you need to start to search for a web site design company. The competition is just huge, and to find a trustworthy company, is not easy. The search results are big and every web design company tell you, they are the best.

The problem is, if you are not tech-savvy, it is really difficult to find a trustworthy professional web designer. Today, almost everyone can make nice-looking websites with no HTML-knowledge at all. Just download some free HTML-Template from one of the many websites which offer free templates. Change some text and upload it to your hosting.

There you have a nice website.

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